Planting to restore the mangrove
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Mangrove is a tidal swamp ecosystem which can be found in tropical and humid subtropical regions. Ecotone between land and sea, the mangrove areas are extremely rich and are privileged breeding places for fishes on a global scale.

Over-harvesting, the construction of infrastructures and the drought during the 1980’s are the major factors that led to the degradation of 25% of the Senegalese mangrove between 1980 and 2010. Thanks to it awareness-raising measures and its actions in reforestation, Oceanium contributes to restoring this ecosystem (more than 10 000 ha to this day).



- Restoring the forest cover and biodiversity.

- Fixing the soils and reducing coastal erosion.

- Fighting against soil salinisation and protection of the arable lands.

- Climate regulation and fight against climate change thanks to large amounts of carbon dioxide being absorbed by growing trees.


NGO partner

Created in 1984, Oceanium is a trusted Senegalese association which has been recognised as an entity of public interest. At first, Oceanium mainly acted for a sustainable management of the marine environment. Today, the actions extend on land and at sea in Senegal and the surrounding countries and are carried out by a team comprised of professionals and volunteers led by Haidar El Ali.

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Objective : 10 000 Trees

Tobor aera (Ziguinchor Region)

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