Planting to preserve the Amazon rainforest
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Ecuador is one of the last countries in the Amazonian basin to benefit from a rainforest cover, dense and humid. It hosts an exceptional biodiversity which is threatened by illegal logging, agricultural expansion and oil exploitation. It is in the Napo province, situated in the center of Ecuador, that the franco-ecuadorian association Ishpingo is working in close partnership with more than 500 families from the Kichwa community, planting together  thousands of trees (agroforestry) in order to improve their living standards while preserving the resources of the  Amazon Forest.



- Conservation of the tropical forest by planting native lumber species that had virtually disappeared following their uncontrolled exploitation.

- Improvement of living conditions for native population through the introduction of efficient agroforestry models on their soils.

- Heightening awareness of the local population towards the traditional medicine and the production of natural medicines from the tree species that have been planted.

- Climate regulation and fight against climate change thanks to the large amounts of carbonic gas being absorbed by growing trees.


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For the past 10 years, ISHPINGO (which means Amazonian cinnamon in Kichwa language) has been working to reforest the indigenous territories by establishing agroforestry systems which combine lumber species, fruit trees, as well as self consumption and cash crops. This system allows the diversification of the crops and revenues for the population and reduces the anthropic pressures on the surrounding forests (illegal logging).


5 797
trees planted


Objective : 10 000 Trees

Napo Province, situated in the center of Ecuador

Type of plantation
Species planted
Mahogany, Peruvian Pine, Borojo...