Planting against floods

trees planted


Objective : 25 Trees

Passe-Reine area (Gonaïves Région)

Type of plantation
Species planted
Mango tree, Mahogany, Cedar...


Haiti, stripped of its forests in only a few decades is no more now than a sad view of rocky mountains and dry landscapes gullied by tropical rains.The NGO Terre des jeunes launched actions in partnership with local schools to reforest the island. Right now, a small village in the North-western part of the island benefits from a project of restoration of the natural barrier which protects the population and crops from landslides and floods.



-Regenerating the forest covert in an area stripped of vegetation.

-Controlling run-off waters to reduce mud and sediment flows along the coast.

-Soils fixation and reduced erosion of arable lands.

-Strengthening social cohesion by creating employment based on management and sustainable exploitation of fruit trees and their products.

-Climate regulation and fight against climate change thanks to vast amounts of carbon dioxide that growing trees absorb.


NGO partner

Terre des jeunes is a Canadian NGO that has been in operation for almost 30 years in the world, and for 15 years in Haiti. Organised as a network of independent branches linked by the principle of volunteering, the association undertakes concrete actions (tree planting, recycling and sorting campaigns, etc.) and aims to educate young people about environmental issues and local management of their natural and cultural heritage. From its beginnings, Terre des jeunes was awarded the Global 500 Award of the United Nation Environment Programme (UNEP).